Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Wait, Isn't There Something Missing...

I guess you've been wondering where the "meats" part of my blog is. Well, the name was actually thought up by my mom. My brother is an amazing cook and we were imagining our own cooking/baking business. We were trying to come up with catchy names and "Sweets & Meats" popped into my mom's head. So far I've been concentrating on the "sweets" side but I think it's time for some meats.

I don't cook as often as I bake so there won't be as many posts about cooking as there are about deserts but I don't think that will make anybody sad :P

Here is what I've been making for the past couple of weeks:

Homemade Pizza

The crust is homemade and is just a simple white flour crust. I rolled it extra thin because I hate thick soggy crust under my pizza. The tomatoes sauce I used is a homemade marinara sauce made with our own fresh tomatoes that we cored and froze in the summer. There are thinly sliced red onions and you can throw them directly on the pizza without caramelizing them first. The onions are sliced so thinly that they cook perfectly in the oven and taste sweet. This saves you hours of caramelizing. You can add any topping of course and on this pizza pie there's pepperoni and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese.



  1. I personally ate a lot of that pizza and it was delicious!!!

  2. Looking at this pizza makes me feel dirty for ever ordering from dominos :)

  3. Hahaha! Rube, your post made me crack up :P