Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Break from these Carbs (Part 1)

Photo taken by Alex E

I couldn't fall asleep tonight so I started going through my computer just looking at old files and junk. Then I stumbled upon my essays from previous years at school (When I still had to take English class) This is just a little something I found and I thought it would be nice to share. It's a poem that I had to write for College a couple of years ago.It is about my life and what makes up who I am... In a nutshell.

I am.

I am from stained glass,
From Austen and the great classics
I am from the boarded up attic over my bedroom
(Dark , mysterious it evokes shivers)
I am from the cherry blossoms,
The lush spruce
Whose beautiful smell fills the whole house
At Christmas time.
I am from snow forts and dog-lovers,
From Pasquale and Elder and Liang.
I am from daydreamers and mountain climbers.
From come inside and spit that out.
I am from lonely elementary days at school in ethics
Always the only student in that class
I'm from Wuxi and unknowns,
Barbequed steak and steaming Earl Grey
From the honey bee who killed my great uncle,
The stolen wooden bear,
And the fire that destroyed my home.
I am from hidden treasures buried in the backyard
Waiting to be discovered.
On my bookshelf are framed pictures
Precious moments never to be forgotten.
In my messy closet hides a scrapbook
Holding memories of cherished days
With people never to be seen again in this lifetime
Only faces on a page are left of them.


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  3. Hey,
    I really liked your poem! I thought it was so lovely and comforting when I read it. You're so brave to share poetry to everyone like that. I have never been able to do it yet. :)

  4. oh! jaime la variete de ton blog

  5. My mom is really confused by our technology and she couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your blog but she wanted me to let you know that she loved your poem and she thought your blog was very good! :)

  6. Awww Tell your mom thanks :) lol
    I appreciate all the feedback I'm getting! :)

  7. Ma belle Hannah...
    J'ai eu un «Precious moments » en lisant ton poème...j'adore ton blog :D

  8. naandiraxxooOctober 30, 2011

    hi hannah mei.
    your poem is lovely. the words ring in my ears, and now my soul. feel so lucky to have you as my niece. so lucky to have a glimpse into your heart.
    you're a beautiful person.
    we love you.