Saturday, 8 October 2011

For the love of baking!

The book that started it all.
For the past year I've discovered a love for baking. It all started when my mom gave me a cookbook with over 100 recipes for cookies. I started baking cookies for everyone's birthday until people started calling me the Cookie Girl.

After that I started to get more adventurous. Now I bake almost every week. As the level of difficulty rises, so does my enthusiasm to create that delicious treat!

Get ready for some mouth watering desserts.

Bon appétit! :)

(The meats will come later)


  1. Bravo ma belle Hannah!

    C'est une excellente idée ton vais te suivre régulièrement1

    André se joint à moi pour te souhaiter un franc succès!
    Bisous de nous deux!

  2. great idea. From the size of my stomach you can tell that i have tasted much of your baking .... DElicious stuff!!! alex e

  3. this blog is bitchen