Monday, 5 December 2011

Last Christmas (2010)

It's already December and all I can think about is Christmas!!! It's a shame that there's still no snow on the ground yet but Christmas music can turn any mood cheery. Every Christmas, my family plans our meal months in advance. Last Christmas was no exception. We decided to make Homemade ravioli. It took a whole day since we had to make the pasta, roll it out and then fill it with cheese. 

Step 1. : Make dough

Pasta dough is basically 4 ingredients: Flour, eggs, water and salt.

Step 2: Roll dough out

Now this step usually requires a pasta roller. It is not necessary but makes life a lot more easier. 

You will get a very looooooong sheet of pasta now. (Extra long table recommended)

Step 3: Fill with delicious cheese or meat.

Step 4: Cut the ravioli and let dry

Step 5: Cook and Enjoy!!! :D

________*__________________*_________________*_________________*_______________*_________            *

If you have leftover dough, then you can just cut it in strips and make fettuccine with it.

Happy Festive Season!



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